Running debug SMTP server with python

Python has builtin module for creating smtp server since version 2.x, sometime for me it's very useful when i just want to run lightweight smtp instance without need to run the actual one such as postfix (in zimbra distribution). the purpose of it may vary but i often used for debugging mail sending between smtp server.

It's very easy to use it, no code need just execute following command.

$ python -m smtpd -d -n -c DebuggingServer

  • -m : run inline command from specific module.
  • -d : print out all smtp message in wire.
  • -n : the daemon will run as nobody.
  • -c : smtpd class that will be used, if you not specified it then it will use PureProxy (transfer received smtp message to another smtp instance)
  • specified in which IP and port where it will listen.

Further more you can see more detail by from it's help message
$ python -m smtpd --help


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