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Running debug SMTP server with python

Python has builtin module for creating smtp server since version 2.x, sometime for me it's very useful when i just want to run lightweight smtp instance without need to run the actual one such as postfix (in zimbra distribution). the purpose of it may vary but i often used for debugging mail sending between smtp server. It's very easy to use it, no code need just execute following command. $ python -m smtpd -d -n -c DebuggingServer Explanation: -m : run inline command from specific module. -d : print out all smtp message in wire. -n : the daemon will run as nobody . -c : smtpd class that will be used, if you not specified it then it will use PureProxy (transfer received smtp message to another smtp instance) specified in which IP and port where it will listen. Further more you can see more detail by from it's help message   $ python -m smtpd --help

Disable sending telemetry data in DotNet

Recently i am working with an open source application which built using DotNet (C#), but while i watching some data flow outside using command netstat the DotNet is make connection outside, then when i figure it out it's belong to azure's in singapore. Then i do some search in google then what i'm found is DotNet is sending telemetry data then for disable it by set an environment variable export DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT=1 For set permanently you may add it in /etc/profile , After that it disable sending telemetry data.