Crystal, a sleek language

Today i just searching for alternative to Golang, after create several apps using that language i think not too comfortable with it. Then i found crystal, from it's front page there is a motto "Fast a C, slick as Ruby". even tough i never code using ruby since i always stick with python and js but ruby is very famous with beautiful code so the programmer is very easy to express the logic and very readable. 

After read the documentation for a while i just found that crystal can produce a static binary same as golang does !!, so this is a big surprise then i try it out, even the documentation is quite useful sometime i got some references from ruby official documentation. but as you note that crystal project has several differences with ruby and doesn't aim as alternative to it. 

This language is under heavy development so the api deprecations will be there. but for the future this project seems very promising. here's the demo of simple image scrapper program which i just create in just less than 1 hour.


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